It just doesn’t get any better than this…..

This is our little piece of Albert County.  There sure is alot more to see in this majestic area.

Albert County is located across the Petticodiac river from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.
It boasts an abundance of landscapes and waterscapes located in the Caledonia Mountain range and on the Bay of Fundy with the world’s highest tides.

Discover Unlimited Beauty

Top Destinations

It’s a challenge to pick the top places to visit in Albert County as there are so many.
The sites and attractions in Albert County will certianly keep you busy for an extended time.  Wonders of nature like “The Rocks” in Hopewell Cape give you a real sense of how small we are compared to the forces of nature with the world’s highest tides.  The beauty of the mountains throughout the county are a year round wonder.
Fundy National Park is just one more of the great places to visit and a must stay place.

We also have some of the greatest ATV and snowmobile trail networks anywhere, giving you the chance to view the beauty of Albert County year round.

The Rocks –  Hopewell Cape

A must see when visiting Albert County
The Hopewell Rocks is a place to pause…a place to appreciate a remarkable story interwoven through time, tide, and the intricacies of nature. These are the highest tides in the world. And they happen twice a day….every day.

Fundy National Park

Many miles of wonderful hiking trails and much, much more
It’s a National Park and a National Treasure.  You must book a few days to even start to appreciate the wonders of this park.  With lots of camping close to all the natural wonders it’s worth spending time here.  Hiking, boating, swimming, golf, etc, etc.  It has it all !

A Look Inside

We do have some of the most unique country around.
These are just a few picutres of different things around Albert County.  We certainly can’t show you everything as there is just too much to see, and do.
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Unlimited wonder

Make Albert County your destination and you are guaranteed to be amazed, thrilled and awestruck at the beauty.

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Some of our local vendors

We would like to take this opportunity to thank just a few of our local vendors for making Albert County a great place to live AND shop.

Check out these vendors and take advantage of their great deals and service the Albert County way…….people come first.

Hydroponics NB

Hydroponic indoor growing has quickly become affordable and mainstream in the Maritimes.  Growing fresh vegetables, herbs and more all year.

HydroNB based out of Hopewell Curio provides top quality service and advice along with their full range of hydroponic supplies.

If you are growing one tomato plant or a whole indoor garden of anything, Hydroponics NB can help you and fill all your supply needs.


Albert County Muffler

Need vehicle repairs or a vehicle?  Albert County Muffler can take great care of you for either.

They offer professional vehicle repairs, MVI, exhaust work and more.  They also have a good selection of quality used cars for sale and are happy to help you get into the vehcile you need.

Drop in:   1390 Route 114 Hwy, Lower Coverdale

Or call:  506-387-5009

Your local SnapOn dealer - Grant O'connor

Looking for the best in tools.  Obviously, look no further than SnapOn.  For the best in service call Grant for all your SnapOn tool needs.



UTrackAtlantic offers vehicle GPS tracking at a very affordable rate.  Now it’s affordable for your personal car or for an entire fleet of vehicles.

They also offer GPS tracking for equipment.  This is not only heavy equipment but can also be for almost anything such as generators, temperature sensors, etc.

Get notified whenever anything goes outside the limits YOU set up.  Easy to use and lots of great support.